Light Blue AB Festival Face Body And Nail Art Acrylic Jewel Gems


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Our Light Blue AB Festival Face Body and nail art Acrylic Jewel Gems give you the freedom to create your unique festival look with various sizes and shapes which are easy to apply with our Glitter Fix Face And Body Glue, the glue is Latex free and your jewels will last all night and even a couple of days.
Supplied in a handy pot containing a random selection of the gems below with approximately 100 jewels.

The Approximate sizes of the acrylic Jewel Gems:

Horse Eye 

6mm x 3mm

11mm x 5mm

12mm x 6mm

14mm x 7mm

Tear Drop 

18mm x 9mm

13mm x 7mm


14mm x 11mm

8mm x 6mm

6mm x 4mm


11mm x 11mm

8mm x 8mm

6mm x 6mm

5mm x 5mm

3mm x 3mm


8mm x 8mm


8mm x 8mm

A big thank you to Naomi for kindly modelling our Light Blue AB Jewel Shapes,Magical Blue Dots, Party Animal and Rain Forest glitters.


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