Miss Pinky 5mm – 10ml Pack Size


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A great selection of large Hex shapes in 6mm 5mm & 2.5mm

These are suitable for use with Acrylic & Gel Nails

Also suitable for use with Wine Glass decoration – Face/Body (Not to use on eye lids)- Hair Craft & Floristry

Our glitter is polyester, which is a soft plastic that is non-toxic. Safe for skin hair and nails.

Please note, Polyester glitter is designed especially to reduce the risk of irritating skin, but it is advised to try out a patch test with a small area first with whatever you choose, to ensure no skin irritation occurs. Please be careful not to put above or too close to your eyes to avoid glitter getting in your eyes, as nothing in the world is 100% safe to put near your eyes! So please be sensible when applying!

Non Toxic & EN71 part 3 and FDA compliant


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